Case Studies

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We evaluate your current Pinterest strategy and rework it to get more traffic to your site. Check out some of the results we've achieved for our clients!

Kristin Addis of Be My Travel Muse

Kristin, an expert on solo female travel, already had somewhat of a presence on Pinterest and was generating around 1,200 hits from Pinterest referral traffic every month. She knew there was the potential for massive traffic growth if only she had more time to design pins for her posts and get them on the right boards. After some initial research and collaboration, we took over her Pinterest account and increased her traffic to an average of 10,000-12,000 hits per month! Pinterest is now her number two traffic source after Google search, and her number one social media referral source. A screenshot of her Google Analytics growth chart (representing increase in daily traffic) is below, as well as some of the most successful pins we designed to promote her content.

Be My Travel Muse Google Analytics Pinterest Referral Traffic
Custom pins for Pinterest from the blog, designed by

Łuków I found it hard to immediately trust others with my brand, but elected to start working with Travel Pinners because of Louise's genuine passion for her work and dedication to helping me grow. Her enthusiasm, discipline, and willingness to learn new things have all made her an asset. Moreover, she's great at communication and a real self-starter - all essential components of someone I want to work with.

Kristin Addis

Eric Stoen, aka Travel Babbo

Eric Stoen is a leader in family travel blogging. When we first started working with him to increase his Pinterest engagement, Eric had a good following on social media but wasn't getting as much social referral traffic from it as he wanted. We knew that his stellar photographs alone were nearly enough to attract a LOT of attention. With better graphic design and distribution of his pins to the right places, we increased his traffic to 300-400 hits per day and it is now his blog's largest source of referral traffic! You can see his growth stats from Google Analytics (representing increase in daily traffic) below, as well as some of the most re-pinned and clicked-on pins that we designed to get his content seen on the platform.

Travel Babbo Blog Pinterest Referral Traffic from
Pins Made for Travel Babbo by Travel Pinners

Travel Pinners is great to work with. Louise looked at my Pinterest account, told me what I was doing well and what I wasn't, then took over and got my account to where I need it to be to drive web traffic. Her pin quality, attention to detail and responsiveness are all excellent!

Eric Stoen

Boutique Japan Travel Company

Boutique Japan designs bespoke trips for travelers seeking amazing experiences in Japan without the headache of planning. When we first started working with them, they had around 500 followers and very little Pinterest buzz for their outstanding blog content on travel in Japan. They always had a strong social media presence and good traffic from other platforms but weren't aware of the great ROI for time spent focusing on a Pinterest strategy. We started working on their account in July 2016, creating gorgeous pin designs to promote their evergreen content and implementing our strategy. In the first three months, their follower count more than doubled and traffic was up to 1200 clicks per month! Within only five months,  Pinterest is now their #1 social traffic driver with more than 5500 monthly clicks and 1500 followers. You can see a recent traffic growth chart and some of our most popular pins from the current campaign below. 

Boutique Japan Google Analytics Pinterest Referral Traffic after working with Travel Pinners.
Pins Made for Boutique Japan by Travel Pinners

We are really impressed with the first round of beautiful pin designs. We've worked hard to make great content about Japan for visitors to our site and are excited about reaching more people through Pinterest.

Andres Zuleta