How to Use Group Boards for Growth on Pinterest

How to Use Group Boards for Growth on Pinterest

If you are new to Pinterest or aim to accelerate your engagement and results on the platform, group boards are an effective part of your growth strategy. Collaborating via group boards will spread your account’s influence to new audiences and help you increase organic traffic to your travel website.

What is a Group Board? 

A group board is created when one Pinterest user invites another to collaborate on one of their boards. Once one user invites another to be group board member and the other accepts, the board will appear on the other person’s profile as well, and anything they pin there may be seen by the followers of the group board owner’s account. Group boards are differentiated from normal boards by a symbol of three figures, or in some interfaces, a circle displaying the account pictures from 3 contributors’ profiles. You can join group boards by requesting an invitation from the board owner. Once you get invited and accept, you can start sharing your pins there and increase your chance of reaching the news feeds of that board’s followers Hello, traction! With great Pinterest power comes great responsibility, so you’ll want to be sure to follow any rules outlined by the board owner in the board description. Such rules could include restrictions like, “only post 3 pins/day maximum.”

What Makes a Group Board “Good?”

On Pinterest, the more engagement a board gets, the more impressions the pins on that board get in followers’ home feeds, in Pinterest search results, and in related interest feeds. So, good group boards will be those whose pins get more engagement and thus bring more eyes, saves, and clicks to the pins you share there. You may be wondering how you can track just how much engagement a certain board is receiving. Well, Tailwind (<< if you make a purchase through my affiliate link, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you) has all the answers for you. In Tailwind’s analytics, you can access the “Virality Score” and “Engagement Score” of a board. Virality Score is the average repins per pin for that board. Engagement Score is the average repins per pin per follower and includes the percentage of engagement the board is getting, considering its size.

Which Boards Should You Request to Join? 

Your goal should be to find group boards related to your travel niche that have high scores in the “Board Insights” section of Tailwind. However, the actual numbers don’t matter, as long as you can get on some boards that have the same or better repin rates than your own account’s boards. Just aim to get invited to a few group boards and, as time passes and you join stronger boards, check any new ones against the older ones to make sure you’re not still pinning to the lower performer/s.

Key Group Board Criteria 

You won’t be able to see the Tailwind scores before you get invited and accept the invitation a group board. However, below are some key criteria for vetting a board before joining or requesting to join:

The More Followers, The Better 

If a board has a decent amount of followers, chances are the board will be a beneficial place for you to share your content with more users. The only exception to this criteria is if followers were acquired via dubious follow-unfollow  methods, in which case the users won’t be engaging with the board owner’s pins and boards very much and you’ll notice a low virality score once you join.

Check the Pin Quality

To see if a group board is worth joining, check it for pin quality. Below is a checklist of questions you should be asking when vetting potential boards:

  • Are the pins on the board ‘on topic’?
  • Do the pins have repins? (maybe not the new ones along the top, but further down?)
  • Is the board free of spam and unrelated content?
  • Does it appear that a high proportion of pins are coming from just one pinner? (This is a sign of inactivity from board collaborators.)

Even More Group Board Resources

By following this criteria and all of the tips above, your content will thrive on some powerful group boards that will drive new traffic to your travel brand’s site. If you want to know how to find group boards and how to get in touch with the group board owners, download my Group Board resource guide below.

How to Find and Apply to Group Boards

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