The Best Darn Guide to Pinterest Analytics

The Best Darn Guide to Pinterest Analytics

Recognizing trends in user engagement is one of the keys to improving your travel brand’s Pinterest content and turning leads into customers.

Below, I walk you through the basics of interpreting analytics for your Pinterest account, including understanding the info you see on Sarajevo Google Analytics, Pinterest Analytics, and Tailwind Analytics. You might want to take some notes, as this valuable information will transform how you approach your travel brand’s Pinterest account.

Google Analytics 

Using Google Analytics is a foundational way to examine your Pinterest results in terms of growth and engagement patterns.

For a general overview of data in Google Analytics, start in Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels > Social. Here, you can see your traffic from all social media channels in the selected time frame.

Select Pinterest from the list of options, and you can view Pinterest-driven traffic over any period of time you choose. You can compare this month to last month, get a bird’s eye view of growth over several months, or even compare this season to the same season last year.

Don’t fret about the occasional dip in traffic – the goal is to see an upward trend over a long time period (think months, not weeks). If you feel as though it’s decreased for several months in a row, compare it to the same period of time one year earlier and see if the pattern is similar, as this may be due to seasonal trends.

Pins That Drive the Most Traffic 

In Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals >, you can see the URLs of all the pins that have been clicked on the most to bring visitors to your travel brand’s website in the selected time frame. Open them up and see which designs and topics have been most effective in driving clicks. Make more content about this or make pins for content going forward in the same style as the pin that has been performing successfully.

Your Most Popular Posts On Pinterest 

In Acquisition > Social > Network Referrals > Pinterest, you can view the URLs on your site that are getting the most traffic from Pinterest in the selected time frame.

Creating Goals 

You can create a “Goal” that will show you what percentage of your traffic (from any source) is leading to an action being completed. Such actions could include: signing up for your mailing list, completing a purchase, etc.

When you create a Goal, you are able to see how many times that action is completed, regardless of where the traffic is coming from. This will show you how much Pinterest-driven traffic ended up in a visitor making a purchase or signing up for your mailing list.

Pinterest Analytics 

Since Pinterest is a travel brand’s ultimate traffic-driver, you might as well take advantage of the analytics the platform itself provides. Your Pinterest Analytics dashboard shows you the following data:

Pinterest Profile Performance 

Pinterest Profile Performance shows your top pins and boards by amount of impressions, saves (formerly known as repins), and clicks. It also logs your average daily impressions, saves, clicks, and unique viewers from images pinned directly from your travel site. It also displays your most popular pins and boards over the history of your account.

People You Reach 

Pinterest Analytics displays the demographics of the people your pins reach, including country, region, language, and gender, and common interests shared among your audience. Down the line when your following has grown to a considerable size (100+ followers), you can see what interests they follow and create relevant boards around those topics, if you don’t already have them.

Activity from Your Website 

Similar to the Profile Performance section, this feature shows stats on the images that have been pinned by visitors directly from your travel brand’s website. These stats encompass how many pins your site’s visitors are saving to their own Pinterest accounts every day and the average number of visitors that save pins from your website per day.

Tailwind Analytics 

My many years of Pinterest experience have proved to me that the benefits of Tailwind are endless (<< if you make a purchase through my affiliate link, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you). There are three areas of the marketing tool that display analytics data worth paying attention to: Referral traffic, Profile Performance, and Board Insights.

Referral Traffic 

The Referral Traffic section shows the same information that can be found in your Google Analytics dashboard, as these two tools are synced. The numbers represent your data for the last 30 days. Since the data doesn’t sync in real time, I recommend relying on Google Analytics for this information instead.

Profile Performance 

The Profile Performance section shows stats like virality score (average repins per pin) about your account’s activity going all the way back to the start, but you can only view your follower growth over the past 7 days. You can also view your average repins and the proportion of repins to followers.

Board Insights

Now this is the good stuff. You can’t find information that’s in the Board Insights section anywhere else. Here, you are able to see a lot of information about all of your account’s boards. You can filter by “Group Boards,” “Secret Boards,” and “Regular Boards.”

The most valuable information here is the Virality Score + Engagement Score. This is useful when you join a group board  and can only check the stats of the group board after being added to decide if it’s worth pinning to. You can also check which boards are performing the best, and you can remove low-performing boards or set them to ‘secret’ if you feel like you need to clean up your profile.

There you have it! Now that you’ve studied up on the numbers game, you can understand your analytics results on Pinterest. Any questions? Ask them in the comments below!

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