What the Travel Industry Needs to Know About Pinterest

Is Pinterest an important tool in the social media strategy of your travel or tourism business? Yes, and click here to learn why (or visit http://www.travelpinners.com/pinterest-for-travel-tourism

Sittingbourne Pinterest for travel and tourism companies – that’s our focus. And as a provider for this particular niche, we often get questions around how impactful Pinterest can be to promote travel content and get potential customers heading to your site.

Some of the most common reactions we get when talking about our service: Pinterest is actually useful? I thought it was just for crafts lovers and brides to be. Isn’t Facebook (or Twitter) (or Instagram) the only social media channel that matters? Many people don’t realize that http://onewish4u.com/took-my-breath-away-this-morning/ Pinterest has an extremely popular travel category and that travel pin searches and sharing make up nearly 25% of all activity on the platform.

If your business focuses on the travel industry and you don’t have a strong Pinterest presence, it may be because:

Bako a) You pay little attention to your Pinterest profile because you don’t have the time and don’t think it’s the right place to focus your efforts; or

http://sailmoonshadow.com/foul-weather-gear/ b) You keep hearing about Pinterest but you start to research the how of it and can’t sort through all the noise; or

c) You know what you need to do to take advantage of Pinterest, but you just can’t seem to find the time to make it a priority.

Here’s just a few reasons to hop on the Pinterest bandwagon and start creating a strategy that will have a significant impact on your business.

Pinterest for Travel and Tourism Brands: Why It’s a MUST For Your Business

There are over 100 million active users. (And no, they’re not all women.)

Pinterest usage has more than doubled in the last three years and continues to grow rapidly. If your follower count is low and you don’t know where to begin, fret not! Don’t shy away from a huge audience of potential customers: people dreaming about, bookmarking and planning their holidays.

It’s true that 50% of pins on Pinterest are food and recipe related, but the travel niche is HUGE and will only get bigger! And it doesn’t matter if you have a low follower count; what matters is that people engage with what you pin. There are myriad ways to get your pins seen as well, as you’ll find in future posts (but in case you’re curious: group boards and good SEO are two big ones). A huge market of your potential customers are there, waiting to discover you.

It’s all about the photos (in travel and on Pinterest).

We know that people process visual information faster, and the emphasis on visual content means rapid-fire sharing of photos and visual info. Because of this, users spend more time on Pinterest in one sitting than on any other social media channel with more content being discovered in less time. Sure, Instagram is also a great place to promote a destination or tour company through photos, but the mobile-only platform has yet to allow backlinks on what you share.

Pinterest is just the opposite, creating more engaged followers. The very nature of the site encourages users to bookmark what they find online as well as head off to other websites to explore what they’ve found there. A travel or tourism can easily feed the Pinterest machine with wanderlust-inducing imagery and reap the benefits (i.e. clickthroughs) of pinning.

Content shared on Pinterest has longevity.

The nature of Pinterest allows what you pin today to circulate on the platform for the following 3-6 months (so don’t let backlinks break when last minute sales or promotions expire!) The algorithms are thought to favor user-generated content, i.e. photos and articles that people share directly from your website.

Optimizing your site and developing a solid strategy of pinning your own (and others’) content helps in the long run to get your pins saved, seen, and re-pinned for an indefinite length of time. One study claims that content circulates an average of 1600 times longer than posts on other social media channels and the average pin is re-pinned 11 times!

People head to Pinterest with buying in mind.

Case study after case study shows that traffic from Pinterest leads to more opt-ins, conversions and sales. A survey conducted by Shopify shows that Pinterest is leading the way for e-commerce conversions. A whopping 87% of survey participants said that using Pinterest influenced their purchase decisions. This is not just limited to products.

People use Pinterest to dream, plan and research their vacations and that’s a darn good reason to share helpful content and get people clicking through to your site to check out your offerings. You can even sell products and packages directly on Pinterest with the addition of the ‘Buy’ button.

Why Your Travel Business Needs Pinterest

It’s time to start taking your Pinterest marketing efforts more seriously. Your future customers are already there planning their trips and discovering new places and activities, and they are just waiting to find the perfect place, activity or adventure that only you can give them.

Effective pin design, an efficient pinning plan, and a few little-known strategies will result in your success.

Stay tuned for all that and more! And don’t forget to pin this article:
Pinterest is an important tool in your travel brand or business's social media strategy. Click here to learn why (or visit http://www.travelpinners.com/pinterest-for-travel-tourism)

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