Pinterest for Tourism Marketing: How to Open a Business Account

New to Pinterest marketing? Now is the perfect time to set up a Pinterest account for your travel / tourism brand! Just follow these simple instructions.

New to Pinterest?

Libenge I sometimes forget – because I’m reading Pinterest news, trends, and updates all-day-every-day – that there are thousands of travel industry professionals who are still just learning about how to successfully market their brand on social media. Many of you are still learning how all the platforms work and may not have even opened an account on Pinterest (nonetheless realized why you need one!). So in case you’re just getting started, I want to go back to basics with this step-by-step tutorial guide on the right way to open a business account.

What Do You Need to Open a Pinterest Account? Note: In case you have already been using a personal account and want to keep your followers (as well as boards and pins) intact, you may want to convert the account to a business account.Just log into your personal account then navigate to this page to convert to a business account.

You don’t need anything besides and email and hard-to-guess password to open up a Pinterest business account. There are several benefits to opening an account, a few of which are:

  • the ability to put your business name on the account instead of just your name
  • access to powerful Pinterest analytics that show your growth in followers, repins, and clickthroughs to your site, as well as important demographics and info about your followers interests
  • and the ability to get Rich Pins!

It’s also a violation of Pinterest’s Terms of Service to share your site’s content from a personal account. So no more procrastination – time to get that business account set up!

How to Open Your Travel Business Account on Pinterest

Step 1

Go to Enter your email and a password you would like to use. Then click “Continue”.

Pinterest for Tourism Brands: The Right Account Setup, Step 1

Step 2

On the next page, choose a username. This can be changed later. You cannot have a username that has already been taken. I recommend using your business name if it’s short enough (25 characters or less) or an abbreviated version of your username. Choose wisely because if you or someone else links to your account from a website, the link will break if you decide you want to change this in the future.

Pinterest for Tourism Brands: The Right Account Setup, Step 2

Step 3

Enter your details on the “Create a Business Account” page. Your email address and password can be changed later, as well as the other details (from the settings button on your profile). You can’t use the same email address that is already on another account, so if you have previously signed up for a personal account with that address, change the email on the old account or choose a new one to use here.

Pinterest for Tourism Brands: The Right Account Setup, Step 3

Step 4

Next, Pinterest asks you to choose some “interests” to follow. Pins with categories or keywords matching your interests will then be shown in your Smart Feed. This is so that Pinterest has something to show in your feed when you’re just getting started. You can then start following individual accounts and boards. If you choose, you can “unfollow” these interests later and also turn off the “Picked for You” setting (which is a default setting that allows Pinterest to show you pins that their system thinks would be of interest to you based on your behavior).

Pinterest for Tourism Brands: The Right Account Setup, Step 4A

When choosing interests, choose topics related to your brand or niche. Also pick a few that you think you ideal audience or customer would also be interested in, even if it’s not directly related to what you do. This way you can “curate” other pinner’s pins for your future boards easily just by scrolling through your news feed and finding ones that match with your board topics. You can start browsing the topics or search for a topic in the search bar. I recommend starting with the keyword “travel”. ­čśë

Pinterest for Tourism Brands: The Right Account Setup, Step 4B

You must follow a minimum of five topics. Luckily, there are many travel ‘subtopics’ that may be relevant to you. Select at least five topics and click “Done”. Now you will see your smart feed with pins selected for you based on topic and category.

Pinterest for Tourism Brands: The Right Account Setup, Step 6

You’ve Only Just Begun!

If you’ve been putting off opening a Pinterest account, I hope that this step-by-step guide helps you get the ball rolling today. Pinterest is going to be the best tool in your content marketing arsenal. It will help you increase brand awareness and bring more people to discover your site and offerings.

After setting up your account, there is a lot more you can do to optimize your settings, build up your profile and start seeing traffic. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for Part 2 to learn how to apply the right settings and confirm your website!

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